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Maggie Leitch Craig Founder and Director, Macushla Enterprises Ltd

A Bit About Me

I started Macushla Enterprises Ltd after 28 successful years as an engineering professional in the fields of process engineering, technical safety, risk and HSE. I am passionate about people, realising their potential and keeping them safe.

Throughout my career I have been actively involved in industry initiatives and conference presenting to raise the bar on the HSE culture throughout the industry.My creative and empathic traits meet my engineering capability in my performance coaching.

Our Business Model

Our unique business model is the result of a flexible and experienced workforce. Our rates are not impaired by the crippling overheads that you, the client, have no part in deciding. Our minimal overhead presents a significant cost reduction which allows for greater control of your budget expenditure. We have no assets, connectivity of our team is achieved not through four walls, but through trust and communication creatively using the latest technology. We have respect for the integrity, talent, contribution and work-life balance of our team members, each one an expert in their own field. The collaborative working ethos is borne from the longstanding relationships the team have with each other, developed through years of shared project experience.

A Unique Approach To Every Client

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